History and development

Bionor Pharma is a Norwegian biopharmaceutical company focused on advancing its proprietary therapeutic vaccine Vacc-4x in combination with other medicines toward a possible functional HIV cure.

Bionor Pharma ASA is the result of a 2010 acquisition of the vaccine developer Bionor Immuno AS by the nutraceutical company Nutri Pharma ASA (which was listed on Oslo Børs since 2000 and later changed its name to Bionor Pharma ASA).

Bionor Immuno AS was a spin-off from Bionor AS, founded in 1985 in Skien, Norway with a focus on developing diagnostic tests for viral diseases. The combined group of Bionor Immuno AS and Nutri Pharma ASA decided to leverage its immunology expertise by exploring the use of its proprietary compounds for viral diseases in the development of peptide vaccines.

In 2011, the Group sold Nutri Pharma ASA’s Nutrilett® brand to a subsidiary of Orkla ASA, a Norwegian company, using the proceeds of the sale to finance the company’s vaccine research.

Since then, the company has ceased its nutraceutical operations and its main focus has been on the development of vaccines for viral infections, primarily HIV.

History and development
An early sample of the vaccine.

Year   Milestone
1985   Bionor AS founded in Skien, Norway
1999   First use of Vacc-4x in humans
2000   Initial public offering and listing of Nutri Pharma ASA on Oslo Børs
2004   Grant of Vacc-4x patent in the U.S.
2010   Acquisition of Bionor Immuno AS by Nutri Pharma ASA in February 2010; name change to Bionor Pharma ASA
2011   Nutrilett® brand sold to a subsidiary of Orkla ASA
2013   Launch of 'Shock & Kill' therapeutic strategy
2014   Vacc-4x monotherapy trial results reported and
2014   REDUC Part A results presented at IAS 2014
2015   Interim analysis of REDUC Part B trial results reported
2015   Romidepsin supply agreement with Celgene for planned BIOSKILL clinical trial
2015   New strategy and long-term development plans announced
2015   Successful completion of the REDUC trial
2016   Acquisition of Solon Eiendom AS in a reverse takeover. Bionor Pharma AS becomes a fully owned subsidiary of Solon Eiendom ASA
2017   Initiated search for a strategic partner