Investor Relations

Investor Relations

Bionor's mission is to enable the immune system to fight HIV infection. Bionor currently retains full ownership rights to the HIV immunotherapy Vacc-4x, i.e., the upside potential from partnering or licensing remains with the company's shareholders.

Until 14 December 2016 Bionor was listed on Oslo Børs (OSE:BIONOR). On 14 December 2016 Bionor Pharma ASA purchased Solon Eiendom AS in a reversed acquisition. Solon Eiendom is a residential real estate development company with projects in the greater Oslo region. After this acquisition the company changed name to Solon Eiendom ASA (OSE: SOLON). Bionor Pharma AS continues its operations as a subsidiary of Solon Eiendom ASA (formerly Bionor Immuno AS)

Strategy update
The current strategy of Bionor is to further advance Vacc-4x in clinical development to develop a functional cure for HIV.

Bionor Pharma AS announced on 16.11.2016 that all preparatory activities of the planned clinical program are on hold and that the company has initiated a strategic review of Vacc-4x, and the clinical development plan is up to date going forward. Bionor has engaged a group of highly experienced international HIV scientific, clinical and commercial experts in a strategic partnership assessment. This process is currently ongoing and is done in close collaboration with the company.

Bionor Pharma continues to pursue scientific activities. Bionor attended the NIH HIV Cure Meeting Nov. 14-16, where the company presented a poster featuring data from several Vacc-4x clinical studies. In January 2017 Bionor Pharma was awarded up to NOK 10.3 million from the Research Council of Norway's BIA-programme to partially fund an exploratory Phase I/II trial of Vacc-4x in combination with a latency reversing agent, and a broadly neutralizing antibody. In February 2017 Bionor attended CROI in Seattle, USA and gave an oral presentation at Vaccines 2017 in Baltimore, USA. In March 2017 Bionor presented a poster at the Research Council of Norway's GLOBVAC conference in Trondheim, Norway. Furthermore publications are in writing and grants applications have been filed. Bionor Pharma believes that people living with HIV should have multiple options.