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Bionor Pharma Appoints Anker Lundemose as President and Chief Executive Officer

Oslo 29.01.2013 - The Appointment Considerably Strengthens Bionor Pharma`s Partnering Capabilities

(Oslo, 29 January 2013)  Bionor Pharma ASA (OSE: BIONOR) today
announced that Anker Lundemose, MD, PhD, DMSc (Medical Microbiology),
has been appointed as President and CEO of Bionor Pharma ASA from
1 March 2013. Dr. Lundemose is a Danish citizen, and replaces Steen Krøyer,
who as of 1 March will take the position as Deputy Chairman of the Board of Directors.

Anker Lundemose (51) has comprehensive international experience
and a vibrant international network.  He has been responsible for
successful mergers and acquisitions within biotech, venture investments,
and licensing. His background includes senior management positions at
biotech startups, large biotech and big pharma, as well as an initial
career in academia.

Dr. Lundemose has extensive experience from business and
corporate development as well as R&D in several key therapeutic
areas including oncology and anti-infectives. He has been a co-founder
of several biotech companies, significantly increased company valuation
from startup to exit,and raised more than $150 million in private equity.

Anker Lundemose has been CEO of Prosidion Ltd. in the UK from
2003 to 2005, Executive Vice President OSI Pharmaceuticals,
New York City, U.S. and President of Prosidion Ltd. from 2005
to 2009. Dr. Lundemose was Executive Vice President Corporate
& Business Development, OSI Pharmaceuticals Inc., from 2009 until
Astellas Pharma's acquisition of OSI in 2010. Anker Lundemose
has previously held positions as Managing Director at OSI Pharma's
venture arm in Zug, Switzerland, and as Business Development Director
at Novo Nordisk, Denmark.

"I am delighted to be joining Bionor Pharma at this crucial point in its
development,"said Dr. Lundemose. "Bionor's HIV vaccines have shown
in clinical and preclinical trials unique properties, which the three ongoing
clinical studies aim to further demonstrate. The two HIV vaccines in
combination may have the potential to be part of an eradication strategy
within HIV. In addition, the Company has several other novel targeted
vaccine technologies in its pipeline and an excellent R&D team,
which I look forward to lead going forward."

The Board of Directors is also very pleased to announce that Steen Krøyer,
who has held the position as interim CEO of the Company since
September 2011, will take the position as Deputy Chairman of the
Board of Directors in accordance with the nomination and election at
the Company`s AGM 11 May 2012.

Steen Krøyer has focused on preparing Bionor Pharma for the industrial
phase of development, including initiation of three clinical studies for
the HIV vaccines Vacc-4x and Vacc-C5. The ongoing shift from a
technology driven company to a development- and commercial oriented
entity has led to some further organizational changes, including that
one of the founders of Bionor Pharma, Birger Sørensen has stepped out
of his regular employment.

"We believe that Dr. Lundemose`s extensive business experience and strong
scientific background will be of significant value for the Company`s further
research and product developments, and for an upcoming partnering process
going forward" says Dr. Lars H. Høie, Chairman of the Board. "The board will
also use this opportunity to thank Steen Krøyer, who has done an excellent
job preparing Bionor Pharma for a new and commercially driven phase of the
Company`s development."

Please see separate release regarding share-option terms.

About Bionor Pharma ASA
Bionor Pharma is a leading vaccine company, listed on the Oslo Stock
Exchange. The Company's investments in developing therapeutic
vaccines exceed US$ 80 million, and the Company has secured funding
of planned scientific and business related activities until mid 2014.
Bionor Pharma's vaccines are based on the proprietary technology
platform developed following more than two decades of research on
peptides, and they are designed to safely stimulate the immune system
to combat viral diseases.

HIV Vaccines - Foremost in Development
The Company's lead HIV candidate, Vacc-4x, has been investigated
as a therapeutic vaccine in a large exploratory phase II randomized,
multinational (USA and 4 European countries), double-blind,
placebo-controlled study. This study showed a statistically significant
reduction in viral load by inducing killing of virus producing cells.
Bionor Pharma`s second HIV vaccine candidate, Vacc-C5, is developed
to induce antibodies that can reduce the harmful hyperactivation of
the immune system caused by HIV infection, which leads to AIDS.

Bionor Pharma has started three clinical studies which can lead
towards phase III, and first results from these studies are expected
in 2013:

1. Vacc-4x in combination with Celgene`s immune modulator Revlimid®
(Lenalidomide), in patients who fail to regain a normal immune system despite
having a well-controlled viral load on conventional HIV medication
(antiretroviral therapy, ART). The researchers at four clinics in Germany will
in this placebo-controlled study investigate whether Revlimid enhances the
effect of Vacc-4x.

2. Reboosting with Vacc-4x in patients from the phase II study (USA and 4
European countries), to investigate whether this can result in a further
reduction in viral load. Approximately 40 patients from the large phase II study
with Vacc-4x will take part at 10 clinics.

3. Clinical phase I/II study with Vacc-C5, at Oslo University Hospital will
investigate safety and efficacy, and whether this vaccine leads to increased
formation of antibodies against HIV in humans.

Bionor Pharma is exploring the possibility to combine Vacc-4x and Vacc-C5 into
one vaccine (Vacc-HIV), which as a therapeutic and possibly preventive HIV
vaccine potentially can eradicate HIV-infection.

Vaccines for Other Viral Diseases
The Company's innovative technology platform is also well suited to develop
vaccines for other viral diseases, including Influenza, HCV (Hepatitis C), CMV
(Cytomegalovirus) and HPV (Human papillomavirus). The universal influenza
vaccine (Vacc-Flu) and Hepatitis C vaccine (Vacc-HCV) are in preclinical phase
of development.

Business Strategy
Based on the three new clinical studies with the HIV vaccines, and preclinical
data from the universal influenza- and Hepatitis C vaccines, Bionor Pharma has
started a structured partnering process aiming at the commercialization of the
technology platform and products.
More information about Bionor Pharma is available at

This information is subject of the disclosure requirements acc. to §5-12 vphl
(Norwegian Securities Trading Act).  Vacc-4x, Vacc-C5, Vacc-Flu, Vacc-HCV,
Vacc- CMV and Vacc-HPV are investigational treatments that have not been
approved for marketing by any regulatory authority.

Contact information
Bionor Pharma ASA, Oslo: +47 23 01 09 60
Dr. Lars H. Høie, MD, PhD, Chairman
Hilde Aalling Syvertsen, Director Communications & Corporate Affairs

USA Contact:
David Sheon +1 202 422-6999