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Vacc-C5 phase I/II clinical study published in BMC infectious diseases

The Vacc-C5 clinical trial is included as part of the doctor thesis of Kristin Brekke at Oslo University Hospital


Levels of non-neutralising antibodies (AB) to the C5 domain of HIV Env gp120 are inversely related to progression of HIV infection. In this phase I/II clinical study we investigated safety of Vacc-C5, a peptide-based therapeutic vaccine candidate corresponding to C5/gp41732–744 as well as the effects on pre-existing AB levels to C5/gp41732–744, immune activation and T cell responses including exploratory assessments of Vacc-C5-induced T cell regulation. Our hypothesis was that exposure of the C5 peptide motif may have detrimental effects due to several of its HLA-like features and that enhancement of non-neutralising anti-C5 AB by vaccination could reduce C5 exposure and thereby chronic immune activation.